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Technical University in Zvolen

The Technical University in Zvolen (TUZVO) has a unique position in university educational system of Slovakia, because we are the only university providing univestity education in the field of forestry, wood sciences, ecology and environmental and manufacturing technology. It follows up a rich and very old tradition of technical university studies in Slovakia, which dates back to the establishment of the Mining Academy in Banska Stiavnica in 1762, where are the Forestry Institute was establishet in 1807.


These facts give evidence that technical and forestry studies in Slovakia originated among the first ones in the world, and, together with mining university studies, point out a high level of mining and forestry in our country in the past, considering the significance of these production branches in the countrys economy at that time.


In 1952 the University College of Forestry and Wood Technology was founded in the town Zvolen and in 1991 the name university was changed to the: "Technical university in Zvolen."

Technical university in Zvolen does not belong to big universities in Slovak republic. Total enrolment of students is almost 5 000 and the staff number is almost 900 employees. Over the last ten years the number of students has rapidly increased and it has almost doubled due to broad diversification of study branches, which is typical for the most Slovak universities. In this time, almost 1 300 students register annually as undergraduates, as well as for PhD. study programes at the TUZVO. There are approximatly 550 graduates in different study programmes every year.

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