Business Administration Department - T.E.I. of Piraeus
About the Programme
The main objective of the Intensive Program (Geoinformation & ICT Market Research) is the theoretical approach and practical application of Geographic Information systems in the scientific field of marketing by using new technologies and techniques of Management and Decision Making.
The implementation of the intensive training program held in collaboration with the University of the West Scotland- Business School and the Technical University in Zvolen- Social Science Department.
The main topics to be taught in the intensive educational program are:
  1. Geographic Information Systems,
  2. Decision Support Systems,
  3. New Technologies in Computer Science,
  4. Marketing.

The participants of the intensive training program will be hosted at the premises of Anargirios & Corgialenios School situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Spetses in lush gardens overlooking the sea shore...

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